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Latisys Premier Data Center Solutions

Providing Colocation, Managed Hosting and Managed Services

Latisys Premier Data Center Solutions

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Latisys provides premier data center solutions, including colocation, managed hosting and managed services, that extend and enhance your company's IT infrastructure. They deliver the technology, expertise and experience that companies require from Tier III data centers. Look to Latisys to Deliver More:

IT Off-Site: Data Center Solutions
Each Latisys data center is a Tier III facility and is designed to accommodate the changing power density and cooling needs of the co-location market while maintaining consistently high levels of customer data facilitiesservice and support.

Data center facilities feature such accommodations as:

  • N+1 Cooling and Power Infrastructure
  • Redundant, Blended Networks
  • Ultra Sonic Humidification
  • AC and DC Power Capability
  • 24x7x365 On-Site Staffed

Latisys now delivers coverage across all U.S. time zones, ensuring that enterprise customers have unmatched scalability and multi-site redundancy, with locations in:

Irvine, CA.    |     Ashburn, VA.     |     Chicago, IL.     |      Denver, Co.

Each data center suite is built to meet the needs of the most demanding IT environments. Latisys' has designed services to deliver the reliability that businesses need to ensure they have the necessary resources to operate. They offer a variety of solutions including Full or Partial Cabinets, Custom Private Cages, and Private Suites.

IT Optimize: Managed Web Hosting
Maximum value and performance for businesses that need high quality managed web hosting. Whether your business needs a simple managed hosting solution with a single dedicated server or has a multi-layer, complex managed hosting design with application and database servers, Latisys has the experience to deliver reliability and performance for your project.Managed web Hosting

Managed web hosting services are designed using only the best components available:

Part of Latisys' superior managed web hosting services feature Virtual Servers and Managed Servers.

IT Off-Load: Managed IT Services
Choose from a menu of fully integrated Managed IT Service solutions that can be used to completely outsource critical applications or complement existing internal systems and IT resources.

Managed Security – Many types of Managed Security Services are available to ensure that your colocated or managed hosting environment is secure

Managed Firewall       |      Intrusion Detection       |       Managed VPN      |       Spam & AntiVirus

Firewall protectionManaged Storage – Storage Area Network (SAN) and direct attached storage improve the ability for you to have reliable, consistently available data with Latisys' managed storage solutions.

Managed Performance – Latisys assures load balancing technology for maximum availability.

Latisys also offers professional services from remote to intense administrations, and monitoring and reporting options.

IT On-Demand: Cloud Services
cloud servicesLatisys has a dynamic, secure and easy-to-use cloud solution to fit your needs and comes in two options:
  • Dedicated Private Cloud - your own high availability, highly scalable cloud hosting solution.
  • Multi-Tenant "Semi-Private" Cloud still private and secure—but with compute resources shared by other Latisys customers.