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Why You Don't Want Your "Back Office" at The Office

Keeping your enterprise back office systems up-to-date is challenging enough. Whether your billing, HR, ERP, email or other administrative services depend on Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint, Exchange or other leading solutions, why burden yourself with the additional time and costs for acquiring, managing, troubleshooting and maintaining the infrastructure on which they run? Instead, outsource your back office IT infrastructure to Latisys. Our hybrid infrastructure as a service (IaaS) combines enterprise cloud, managed hosting and data center colocation, providing the industry’s most flexible platform to right-size your infrastructure for all the performance, capacity, services and scale you will ever need. Maintaining these critical applications on Latisys’ secure, reliable and redundant platform delivers you unprecedented availability and saves you the headache of managing “the server closet.”

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Higher Quality at Lower Cost

Working as an extension of your team, the infrastructure experts at Latisys can optimize all your workload, data, storage, network connectivity security and business continuity requirements, into a solution customized to deliver maximum efficiency, economy and control. By letting Latisys deliver your infrastructure as a service, you eliminate the capital expense of buying and building capacity and turn the variable and difficult-to-contain cost of managing IT into a steady and predictable operating expense. And, of course, because Latisys is responsible for infrastructure operation and maintenance, we free your critical IT resources up to focus on providing value to the enterprise.

Infrastructure Designed for Performance, Availability & Security

The internal departments and end users whose jobs depend on the quality of IT need the assurance that business applications and data will always be online, responsive and secure. You need to be sure that as their requirements change, your infrastructure is able to grow and keep pace without sacrificing uptime, system operation or protection. With Latisys as your partner, you have nothing to fear.

Our resilient and fault-tolerant Tier III data centers feature redundant power, cooling and network connectivity, ensuring reliability and availability. SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3 audits certify that all of our facilities have the physical security controls and policies in place to help you meet your regulatory or industry compliance requirements. Our Managed IT Security services fortify your network and hosts. Enterprise network storage and industry leading data protection safeguard your critical information and ensure your systems operate at peak efficiency. Load balancing, database management and real-time monitoring platforms deployed across our entire network back up the performance guarantee of our Service Level Agreements. Robust disaster recovery services provide valuable business continuity assurance for you and your customers. And with future-proof scalability built in, our infrastructure will provide all the performance and capacity you need today and for years to come.

Plus, with data centers already totaling more than 340,000 square feet coast-to-coast and an IPV6-ready blended network amassing tremendous volumes of bandwidth from multiple first-tier carriers, we offer economies of scale you will not find in other providers.

Flexibility to Provide Exactly What You Need

At Latisys, we’ve designed both our nationwide infrastructure and service delivery model to give us the flexibility and adaptability to personalize and optimize solutions to your unique needs.

No other infrastructure provider looks for so many ways to say yes.

Bring Your Back Office into the Future

Outsource your back office IT infrastructure to Latisys and use your capital, time and resources where they can do the most good: growing the enterprise.