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Latisys Big Data Storage
Scalable Capacity for Rapidly Growing Data Volumes

Your enterprise is amassing ever-increasing volumes of business intelligence and analytics data, presenting you with the challenge of providing the storage, network and compute resources to make it available, accessible and usable on-demand. And there’s no end in sight to this continuing and rapid growth. Which makes it very difficult to accurately forecast your capacity requirements, budget the capital expenditure necessary to meet them or minimize the impact of obsolescence on the hardware you acquire. 

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Don’t tie up your capital, IT resources and time trying to keep up with the expanding infrastructure demands of big data and analytics. Outsource your infrastructure needs to Latisys and our big data hosting solution.

Big Performance for Big Data

Latisys’ integrated hybrid hosting solution for big data and analytics provides a cost-effective and scalable answer to exponential growth of data warehouses. Delivered on our nationwide platform, our big data hosting solution enables you to match processing power, storage tier, throughput and speed to your requirements, and provides industry-leading flexibility to right-size your infrastructure for all the performance, capacity, services and scale you will ever need.

Getting the size right is always one of the biggest challenges in big data. We understand that your needs are going to be fluid and to a certain extent unpredictable. Fortunately, we designed our enterprise-grade platform with massive scale and non-disruptive expansion built in from the start. So as big data drives your need for ever more capacity, speed and throughput, Latisys adapts quickly with a solution you can never outgrow.

And thanks to our flexible approach to delivery, you will never be locked in to services that no longer meet your needs.

In Tune With the Demands of Leading Technologies

Ideally suited for Hadoop, MongoDB and Cassandra environments, the autonomic tiering on our Storage Area Network makes sure that frequently accessed data resides on faster disks, and static data resides on more cost-effective storage. Latisys customers are already proving the capabilities and realizing the benefits of our big data hosting solution in infrastructures running data warehouses handling volumes as high as 2 million transactions per day.

And Designed to Contain Your Costs

With Latisys hosting your big data infrastructure, you eliminate the capital expense of buying and building capacity and turn the variable and difficult-to-contain cost of managing IT into a steady and predictable operating expense. And, of course, because Latisys is responsible for infrastructure operation and maintenance, we free your critical IT resources up to focus on providing value to the enterprise.

Give Big Data Room to Grow

Don’t build or buy storage and compute resources for your expanding databases. Give your data warehouse all the space it needs to grow, with a big data hosting solution from Latisys.