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Latisys Business Impact Analysis
How much DR do you Really Need?

A Latisys Business Impact Analysis Template helps you examine the impact of an event that interrupts, disables or destroys your physical or virtual data centers. Think of this as a convenient tool for classifying all your systems by criticality and quantifying the costs of downtime.

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Mission Critical

Your business cannot operate without this system. You will incur serious financial impact if it is not available.

Business Critical

Your business cannot operate effectively without this system. You may incur additional expenses or delayed business processes if it is not available.

Non Critical

Your business can operate without this system for an extended time period without substantial additional expenses, delays or other impact so long as the data is retained.

You can use this analysis to determine your desired Recovery Point Objective (RPO), Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Cost of Downtime. The most important thing to understand is that every business is different. Some businesses, such Software as a Service (SaaS) companies, are heavily reliant on almost all of their IT systems as these systems are required in order to deliver their products and services to their clients. But other businesses, like Healthcare companies, deliver the bulk of their services through human interaction and simply need their IT systems to retain important data in a completely secure environment while also handling process-intensive business operations like insurance billing.


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