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Latisys DRaaS Use Cases
These businesses are ready for a disaster... is yours?

online-paymentOnline Payment Processing Company

A company that provides Web-based payment processing for online merchant credit-card transactions requires maximum uptime. Because it processes more than 100,000 transactions per day, and because its revenue is directly tied to those transactions, the estimated cost of just one hour of downtime is $25,000. This company requires more than basic disaster recovery: it needs a high-performance continuous availability solution, with an RPO and RTO (see What is Disaster Recovery?) of less than one hour each.

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To meet these needs, Latisys hosts this company’s database on highly available systems at two locations. In technical terms, they've configured active-active geoclustered database replication with global load-balancing across diverse sites. In business terms, the nearly instant failover between sites means that the company has virtually no lost transactions—and thus no lost revenues. Latisys provides the high-performance, high-uptime solution this company needs.

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website-services-providerWebsite Services Provider

A company that provides hosted Microsoft SharePoint and SQLWeb applications has clients who request Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with certain levels of performance—including disaster recovery plans. The application provider doesn't have a high operational cost of downtime—about $150 per day—but it does have to meet the SLAs it has committed to its clients, which call for an RPO and RTO of about four hours each. Furthermore, it needs to meet these goals despite a small IT staff.

Because this company already hosts its infrastructure on VMware-powered virtualized servers at Latisys, we are able to replicate its storage area network (SAN) and automate hypervisor replication with VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM). The workload replication solution meets the RPO and RTO that the company’s clients require, and takes only minimal effort on the company’s part to implement and maintain.

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insurance-firmInsurance Firm

A company that provides insurance and risk mitigation consulting services has a contractual obligation to its clients that all data can easily be restored in the event of a disaster. Although the company does not calculate its cost of downtime, it does know the hefty penalties for lost client data within its SLAs. To meet these client commitments, the company maintains an RPO of 24 hours and can accept an RTO of more than 24 hours.

The Latisys data protection solution for this company involves local backups using EMC Avamar software plus replication to another Latisys data center. This snap-on, two-site solution instantly fulfills the company’s obligations.

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transportation-logistics-companyTransportation/Logistics Company

A company that provides software as a service (SaaS) solutions to companies in the transportation industry is just past startup mode with a very constrained budget. Its users require high uptime—and they begin to feel pain within five minutes of an outage—but the company's environment does not involve a high number of transactions. They are unable to calculate the true cost of downtime, but need an RPO and RTO of about one hour.

The Latisys storage replication solution for this company involves SAN snapshots and SQL-scripted backups. The combination of these technologies allows for fast, full recovery of databases to a clean state. The solution is not the most sophisticated in their industry, but it meets the required level of risk mitigation and can easily be scaled if future budgets permit a more complex solution.

media-and-marketing-firmMedia & Marketing Firm

A company that provides online content to hundreds of U.S. newspapers previously had no disaster recovery environment and needed to implement DR with minimal investment in infrastructure. With an unusual profile—its websites—which are its main source of revenue, can burst unpredictably with certain news events. We cannot publicize its cost of downtime, but its RPO is less than 15 minutes, and its RTO less than two hours.

The company uses Latisys to support a cloud-based service failover site. It leverages our managed hosting service for its database servers, with additional cloud templates for web servers and application servers. Thus, if disaster strikes, it can spin up the cloud servers to gain full power with a fast RTO. (But until disaster strikes, those “parked” resources have minimal costs.) Because Latisys hosts its data as well as its cloud-based application backups, the company can further shorten its RPO and RTO, even though its production site was originally hosted by one of our competitors.

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