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Latisys Data Center Security
Ensures access to IT infrastructure is limited to authorized personnel

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Our Network Operations Centers (NOC) are located on site and manned 24x7x365. NOC personnel are trained to handle all aspects of security for the facility.

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Physical access to all data center floor space and network "meet me" rooms is secured with a combination of digital camera, proximity card and biometric scanners. Upon arrival to Latisys' facilities, customers and visitors must contact the NOC in order to gain access to the secured "man-trap" area. We require three factor authentication requiring a photo ID to proceed past the "man trap", authenticated card key and biometric hand scan to gain access to the data center. Customers and visitors must then provide photo ID to receive a proximity badge and be checked into the facility. Only personnel that have been pre-authorized by the customers designated contact are given proximity badges and allowed access.

All activities are monitored via our strategically located video cameras which are monitored and recorded to a Digital Video Recorder and then permanently archived to DVD. Motion activated digital cameras monitor data center entrances, data center space, and all areas of critical infrastructure. This includes cameras that line each and every row of cabinets in the main data center and strategic cameras for cage colocation customers. The cameras are motion activated and all images are displayed on a series of monitors within the NOC. We archive access logs and video footage for 90 days. 

NOC and facilities personnel perform regular, thorough walkthroughs of the entire facility. These walkthroughs include areas such as the roof, outside perimeter of the building, data center space and vital operations areas. During this time, the NOC staff confirms that all security measures are intact and that there are no operational abnormalities.

Latisys provides flexible data center solutions with high-level security.