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Designed specifically for the needs of today's data driven businesses, our managed data protection service has been tailored to deliver security, performance and scalability to your business. Managed by professional backup engineers, we backup data to our data centers - facilities that have completed SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3 Audit Reports - using highly reliable disk based data protection. Disk based data protection provides significant gains over traditional tape backup by eliminating the possibility of lost or corrupted tapes and increasing the speed and reliability of data transfer. Data is seamlessly protected from your environment over a private, VLAN isolated network ensuring data privacy and integrity is maintained from start to finish.

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Latisys Managed Data Protection offers the following features/benefits:

Simplified scheduling and predictable billing methodology

With Latisys Managed Data Protection, agent based de-duplication technologies are utilized, meaning the agent only transmits globally unique, sub-file level data from the host to the back-end storage target.  With this technology, the first job run is a full backup and each subsequent job targets only the data changed at the block level.  The system then pieces the incremental changes together with the original full backup job to create what appears to be a full backup every single time the job is run. This technology allows for very small data transfer sizes based only on changed data, but is a robust retention policy that simulates a full backup every night. Unlike many other providers that charge you for every bit of data stored, Latisys Managed Data Protection fees are based on the size of the data protected (largest backup retained in the month). This makes your invoice predictable and easy to understand.

A Safe Haven for your Data

Don't risk critical data loss another day, ensure your data is being protected.