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Disaster Can Strike at any Time...Latisys Makes it Easy to Be Prepared

In an unpredictable world, anything can happen. And eventually, it will. Be prepared with Latisys Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).


Compared to traditional disaster recovery approaches that require you to buy or lease hardware identical to your production system, Latisys Disaster Recovery as a Service lets you customize a disaster recovery solution to your exact needs at a fraction of the cost. Latisys combines virtualized servers and cloud services into a seamless solution—all operating on our secure and reliable nationwide data center and hosting platform—to provide everything from near-instantaneous continuous availability to the most simple offsite data backup.

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What Latisys Disaster Recovery as a Service Can Do for You

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It’s just good business sense—and a best practice—to prepare for disasters that could interrupt, disable or destroy your physical or virtual data center... and bring your business to a halt. And while “disaster” might make you think of hurricanes, earthquakes, terrorist attacks or other headline-grabbing events, the reality is that power outages, hardware failures and human error happen much more frequently, with much greater business impact.

A Latisys Business Impact Analysis helps you identify the tangible and intangible impacts of these natural or man-made disasters on your IT systems and business processes. Need help? The disaster recovery experts at Latisys can assist you in completing your Business Impact Analysis and then recommend a comprehensive disaster recovery solution in line with your needs and budget.

Be Prepared for Anything

Lower the cost surviving a disaster. Make Latisys Disaster Recovery as a Service an integral part of your business continuity plan.