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Cloud migration is a big step for any organization and—when done right—can potentially be a very smart fiscal decision. But, there are a ton of questions that need to be answered as you begin to think about moving to the cloud.

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Are you making the move for server virtualization, disaster recovery, business continuity, managed storage, etc.? Despite the pressure for a “cloud strategy,” it’s important to understand which of your workloads, apps and data are right for the cloud and exactly how much your organization would benefit from running 24x7x365 in the cloud.

Here are some handy cloud migration tools that will help you get started.

Cloud Compute Questionnaire

Cloud Compute Questionnaire

Does your businesses compete in emerging, shifting or uncertain markets? Do you work with global supply chains or virtual enterprise partners? Do you face variable and unpredictable workloads and demanding users who want engaging, interactive interfaces? If so, the cloud might be the right option. But how do you know? The following checklist will help you decide when it's time to migrate to the cloud.

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Cloud Checklist - Your 'Cheat Sheet' to Cloud

Cloud Checklist

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Cloud Responsibility Matrix Worksheet

Cloud Responsibility Matrix

Cloud computing promises greater control — over cost, over compute resources, and over the unexpected. But who is controlling the cloud itself?  This worksheet outlines the key applications and services of your cloud infrastructure, and allows you to easily define who should be responsible to operate and maintain each — today and tomorrow.

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VM Portability Guide VM Portability Guide

This matrix lists the most common applications that enterprises run, and then provides each with a rating of whether or not it would be a good fit for virtual machine portability and a federated cloud environment.  By understanding the service type that the application falls under, you are able to better examine and prioritize the applications you are planning to move to the cloud.

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You're Never Alone

At If you are a new company deploying infrastructure for the first time, it’s relatively painless to go “all in” on cloud. That said, many companies are beginning to re-think that strategy as they hit critical mass—see’s recent expose on the cost of running 24x7x365 on the “commodity cloud”.

But if you’re an established business, with production customers and a complex solution that you wish to optimize, there’s nothing easy about a cloud migration. Latisys’ team of cloud hosting and IT migration experts is at the ready to answer any questions you have and help you craft your unique cloud strategy. Together we’ll assess your current IT infrastructure and examine your requirements for security, performance, management, governance, compliance and cost – and develop a streamlined Enterprise Cloud Migration strategy that ensures your IT infrastructure is aligned with your business goals for growth moving forward.

Make Cloud Work for You

And if a hybrid solution is what you need—cloud combined with managed hosting, data center colocation or managed storage—we’ll design a hybrid IaaS solution tailored to your exact needs. Looking for cloud-based disaster recovery solution? We can do that too. Whatever you need, maybe it’s time to make cloud a part of your IT strategy as opposed to the only strategy.

Get all the infrastructure you need, the instant you need it, without buying, installing or maintaining any part of it. Ever. The cloud makes it possible. Latisys Cloud Services makes it easy.