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The truth of the matter is that virtualization isn’t a good fit for all workloads (whether on the public or private cloud). For example, database servers and systems that require high input/output operations (IOPs) and memory utilization, simply perform better on dedicated hardware.

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Unlike pure-play, commodity cloud providers who can only offer shared resource pools, Latisys won’t force you to choose multi-tenant virtual servers just to make the maintenance easier for us. We’ll help you define the unique security and performance characteristics for each of your applications and then tailor your infrastructure to match. For some workloads, that may mean secure, multi-tenant cloud services. But for many workloads, a Latisys Dedicated Server solution will serve as the foundation for your outsourced infrastructure.

A Foundation for Your Private Cloud

Of course the future of IT is in the cloud. But which cloud? For true enterprise-grade requirements, it’s the private cloud backed by dedicated resources—such as the Dedicated Server solutions from Latisys.

That’s because the “public cloud” is still unable to meet the most stringent security and compliance requirements of today’s enterprise. Additionally, for workloads that are relatively predictable and online 24x7x365, it delivers lower performance while actually costing more than a private cloud with dedicated servers.

Latisys Dedicated Server solutions combined with highly available SAN infrastructure can be layered with virtualization for a secure, reliable—but highly flexible—private cloud.

To deliver top performance, we’ve deployed the latest generation of HP Proliant Servers, offering up to four 8-core processors and 1.5 terabytes of memory. This is processing power with a punch to handle any application. Use it to make your virtualization environment extremely dense, or let it simply give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that with a Latisys Dedicated Server solution you won’t be limited by your physical infrastructure.

And because we proactively monitor the underlying hardware and maintain critical spares onsite, you can trust that your hardware will be repaired quickly.

Dedicated to Your Success

Whether you need straightforward managed hosting with a single server or complex multi-layer infrastructure service integrating private cloud with application and database servers, Latisys has a solution for you. Latisys’ Dedicated Server gives you the flexibility to meet your requirements, the reliability to keep your business online and the scalability to grow as your business does.

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