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It’s the never-ending story for CIOs everywhere: as your enterprise demands more of IT, you demand more from your IT infrastructure. New requirements, services, applications and technologies are pushing your infrastructure to the limit. And you need to respond faster and with fewer resources than ever before.

That’s why many of your peers see “the cloud” as the answer to exploding growth. But while the cloud should be part of the solution, it’s not the only solution.

Latisys hybrid infrastructure as a service (IaaS) combines enterprise cloud, managed hosting and data center colocation, offering today’s best approach to right-size your infrastructure and obtain all the performance, capacity, services and scale you need.

Because One Size Does Not Fit All

Latisys hybrid IaaS is the most flexible, adaptable and customizable infrastructure solution available today.

Seamlessly integrating components from the full continuum of infrastructure services, Latisys hybrid IaaS can encompass connectivity to an on-premises data center that you operate yourself, colocation of existing hardware that you have already capitalized in our highly secure and redundant facility, managed hosting in which you select the best of our systems and support—dedicated to you—and a cloud environment for variable workloads that require self service and speed.

With Latisys hybrid IaaS, all of your workloads and data, the mix of production and disaster recovery services, as well as your storageIT security and performance requirements and more can be optimized for maximum efficiency, economy and control. You can better leverage existing infrastructure investments and ensure you have the ultimate flexibility to adjust as requirements change—with multiple options available. Our single pane of glass view into your end-to-end managed performance solution enables you to manage all of your IT systems across an integrated infrastructure platform.

As Many Options as there Are Businesses

How different many ways can we configure a Latisys hybrid IaaS solution? We’ll never know! But what we do know is that it’s your infrastructure—customized for your business—supported by Latisys, where our team is an extension of yours.

Here are just a few of the ways that today’s enterprises are meeting their infrastructure needs with Latisys hybrid IaaS.

What do each of these clients have in common? They each have complex requirements that are best served by a mix of outsourced IT infrastructure solutions. Unlike other providers who offer “standalone” or “siloed” solutions where the only answer is “colocation” or “hosting” or “cloud,” Latisys can tailor a unified, hybrid solution right-sized to any client’s exact specifications.

All the Services You Need, All Under One Roof

Just as hybrid IaaS frees you from managing infrastructure, choosing Latisys as your hybrid IaaS providers frees you from managing multiple vendors.

Of course, hybrid IaaS isn’t all we do. In fact, when it comes to IT infrastructure, we can do it all. And we’re one of the very few companies with a national platform who can. Since our flexible and adaptable cloud, managed hosting and colocation offerings involve all of the systems, services and support for building a cost-effective, fully customized hybrid IaaS solution, it just makes sense to bring all your requirements to Latisys.

You get the economies of scale from the components you outsource to us... the expertise of a team of infrastructure specialists with their fingers on the pulse of innovative technology... and access to a built-for-the-future, scalable, enterprise-class IaaS platform you will never outgrow.

Right-size Your Infrastructure

Get all the performance and capacity you need. Get out of managing infrastructure. And get back to what you do best. With a hybrid IaaS solution from Latisys. To learn more, contact us today.