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Now you can increase the utilization efficiencies and operating cost savings of your Latisys managed hosting or cloud services solution—with virtual servers from Latisys.

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Offering the same flexibility we bring to customizing physical infrastructure to your exact requirements, our hypervisor agnostic virtual server solution lets you choose the virtualization technology that works best for you. At Latisys we understand that different virtual machine managers—or “hypervisors”—are better suited for different environments and workloads. So not only do we support standard and enterprise versions of VMware vSphere, Latisys is the first hosting and cloud provider to certify Microsoft’s Hyper-V 2012 for our enterprise platform. Learn even more about the Microsoft 2012 difference here.

And we’re here to help you right-size your environment—tailoring our solution to your specific requirements. Whatever hypervisor you choose, our expert virtualization engineers and flexible per-VM pricing model will make virtualization work for you.

Latisys Makes it Easy to Realize All the Benefits of Virtualization

Say Goodbye to Resource Underutilization

Let one server do the work of many. And let your IT infrastructure do more than ever before. With a Latisys virtual servers.