Latisys Data Center Services

Latisys IT Performance Monitoring
Basic Availability Monitoring

Basic monitoring is included with every Latisys infrastructure solution at no cost.  It is performed without the use of an agent and includes polling devices for availability using ICMP ping and validating services through an attempt to establish a connection to the device on a specified TCP or UDP port. Basic availability monitoring also includes web URL checks using HTTP GET and text validation.

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Advanced Monitoring

For enhanced visibility into server resources, advanced operating system monitoring is performed through the installation of an agent and includes monitoring of all key resources including CPU, memory, disk and network utilization as well as the processes running on the system. Latisys can monitor nearly every major Operating Systems, including:

To ensure optimal performance, Advanced Application Monitoring inspects server processes and observes important application specific metrics.

Advanced application monitoring also requires the installation of agent. Latisys can monitor several applications, including, but are not limited to:

Custom Monitoring

Latisys’ powerful monitoring platform has the capability to perform significantly more advanced monitoring checks on various other applications and hardware platforms other than those listed in the standard monitoring packages. Transactional web checks can be programmed, SNMP polling leveraged and vendor supplied plugins can be supported as well. If your monitoring needs fall outside of the scope of the packaged monitoring solution, our team of monitoring experts will help design a solution to ensure you have the visibility your business requires.

Every Minute of Every Day

Our eyes are on your infrastructure all of the time. Our 24x7x365 support groups respond to every alert according to your customized escalation procedures and are there to assist in troubleshooting and resolving any errors your servers may encounter. And you have access to the Latisys Customer Portal where you can not only see anything Latisys is monitoring for you, but you can also manage all of your services and support tickets.