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Latisys Managed IT Security
Assures the integrity, safety, availability and compliance of your IT infrastructure

At Latisys, about the only thing we take more seriously than the performance of your IT infrastructure is its security. We know that the only thing more costly and damaging to the reputation of an enterprise than downtime is a data breach. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of Managed Security Services to assure the integrity, safety, availability and compliance of your cloud, managed hosting, colocation or hybrid IT environment.

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Latisys’ next-generation threat management platform provides managed firewall, intrusion detection, managed VPN, patch management, and anti-virus protection services. By constantly evaluating the latest technologies, we can tailor a security posture to your exact requirements and keep it current to withstand newly emerging threats.

We offer the advanced technology, security expertise and proactive support to safeguard your valuable data in storage, in transit and everywhere in between. Latisys managed security helps you authenticate users, shield your servers against outside attacks and inside mischief, and mitigate the risks that could compromise your systems or disrupt your operations.

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Threat Management (Intrusion Detection and Prevention): Rapid Response to Attacks

Understanding the threats to your IT infrastructure is key to preventing critical downtime. Latisys’ intrusion detection and prevention services work together with our managed firewall service to create a formidable defense against intruders. Our team of seasoned, professional security analysts is here to assist you in interpreting attack-related data, in order to locate and neutralize threats before they become problems.

Managed Firewall: Keeping the Bad Guys Out

Latisys’ managed firewall increases effectiveness while reducing the complexity of protecting your critical infrastructure. Designed for high availability, our flexible stateful firewall solution provides isolation through multiple security zones and enables you to customize security policies based on source and destination IP addresses and traffic protocols. Rapid scalability allows you to increase firewall capacity as you need it. Our experienced security engineers are here to provide advice and complete configuration changes and upgrades seamlessly, so you’re never left exposed.

Managed Virtual Private Network: A Secure Tunnel for Data Communications

Latisys’ managed Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides a secure end-to-end connection that protects transmitted data from malicious users and identity thieves. Encrypting data between origin and recipient, a Latisys VPN helps you meet HIPPA, PCI and other regulatory and industry requirements for the safe handling of protected data. Client-based and site-to-site VPN options provide secure connectivity for both mobile workers and entire office locations. 

Managed Anti-Virus: Protect Your Critical Systems from Infection

Latisys’ host-based anti-virus software protects your infrastructure from the viruses and malware behind 40% of all data breaches. Featuring advanced reputation-based technology, our managed solution defends servers by scanning for and remediating viruses, malware, dangerous programs, spyware and many other threats. Reports assist in the isolation of threats and meeting compliance requirements.

Operating System Patching: Don't be Vulnerable to Exploits

Attackers rely on the bugs and vulnerabilities of operating systems and applications to gain unauthorized access to systems and data. Software vendors work tirelessly to identify and repair these problems before hackers can begin using them to their advantage. However, if your systems aren’t updated on a regular basis you remain at risk for zero-day exploits. Latisys Patch Management Services update your systems during a regularly scheduled maintenance window every month and critical updates to protect against zero-day exploits are applied immediately following release from an operating system vendor.

Managed SIEM & vSOC: The Best of Security & Compliance

Latisys’ managed security information and event management (SIEM) service suite supported by the Alchemy Security virtual security operations center (vSOC) provides log collection, log retention, log analysis, vulnerability scanning, compliance tracking and reporting, file integrity monitoring, host based intrusion detection, IP threat correlation, and security incident management. Whether you need to conform to standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, ISO 27001 or just need to protect the most critical assets of your organization, Latisys SIEM and vSOC offers the best of both security and compliance.

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Meet today’s security challenges head-on. Choose Latisys managed security to assure the integrity, safety, availability and compliance of your IT infrastructure.