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Latisys Managed Performance
Count on Latisys to Keep Your Infrastructure Available and Response

Poor performance does more than just frustrate users and reduce productivity. It drives customers away to seek out websites and applications that respond up to their expectations. Don't let it happen to you.

Latisys' Managed Performance solutions combine load balancing, database management, real-time monitoring and reporting to help your applications, services and systems deliver maximum performance, reliability and responsiveness.

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Just as important, it gives you the 24x7x365 attention of our IT infrastructure experts working as an extension of your team to drive peak performance, resolve issues before they become problems and enable you to rest assured that your IT services will be up and running.

Sharing the Load: Because Failure
is Not an Option

If any application your business depends on requires the highest levels of availability, then a single point of failure is not an option. Latisys Managed Load Balancing Services distribute traffic across local physical or virtual servers to improve response time and automatically cease sending traffic to servers that don't respond as expected. Latisys Managed Global Load Balancing can provide near-instantaneous failover to a disaster recovery site or direct your traffic to multiple geographical sites in an active/active configuration.

Real-time Monitoring, Rapid Response and Comprehensive Reporting

We've deployed world-class monitoring technology across our entire network to keep our fingers on the pulse of your IT infrastructure. This advanced solution continuously monitors: server resources & availability, processes & applications, network devices & services, websites , content & databases. Whatever is happening anywhere in your end-to-end IT infrastructure, our 24x7x365 staff is there to respond. Plus, we provide you with the tools to proactively monitor your infrastructure as well as extensive and flexible reporting on utilization, backup activity, bandwidth, helpdesk tickets, web traffic and historical trends of all monitored items. It's information you can use to gain insight into your solution, plan for capacity, make better infrastructure decisions and demonstrate to stakeholders how IT is supporting enterprise objectives.

Become a Top Performer

Outstanding IT performance doesn't happen on its own. Latisys Managed Services delivers the right combination of technology, processes and people working together to maximize IT uptime, reliability and response.