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Decipher the Challenge of Remote Network Access

Today’s workforce is mobile, and your IT administrators, organizational users and even customers need a secure way to access your infrastructure at any time and from anywhere. You couldn’t possibly risk critical data being leaked through insecure connections over the public internet. With a Latisys Managed Firewall and Latisys Managed VPN, you don’t have to. Latisys offers two different types of IPSEC VPN solutions that enable access to your protected network for individual users and remote sites.

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Client-based VPN - Using an installed software agent, each workstation or laptop connects to the VPN tunnel individually and authenticates using a username and password that you have specified. This technology can be used over most Internet-enabled networks and is a perfect solution for mobile workers.

Site-to-Site VPN – This router to router VPN solution provides a constant VPN connection for an entire site, usually a branch or remote office with authentication being managed through pre-shared keys specific to the routing devices. It is a great solution for enabling multiple users at a secure physical location with access to the network.

All VPN access terminates either directly at redundant firewall devices or to Active/Passive redundantly configured VPN routers directed to Client’s firewall contexts/devices.  Addition of VPN services to a Managed Network Firewall includes one (1) additional security zone for the purpose of filtering traffic to and from the remote VPN networks/users to any and all security zones behind the firewall.

Make the Secure Choice

Meet today’s security challenges head-on. Choose Latisys managed security to assure the integrity, safety, availability and compliance of your IT infrastructure.