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If you can't afford for business to stop when the network is down, switch to Latisys. Each of our nationwide data centers offers scalable and reliable network connectivity delivering the guaranteed performance and availability that keeps you connected to customers, employees, suppliers and partners.

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Trust Our Blended Network to Stay Online
& in Business

You don't need the hassle or responsibility of managing your own routing, switching and network connectivity. So let Latisys do it for you. Get the bandwidth and uptime you require in the high speed connections of our blended IP network of diverse providers.

Built with redundancy and resiliency in mind, our multi-homed bandwidth solution can be the difference between 100% uptime and an embarrassing (and expensive) outage. Our use of cut-through switching ensures extremely low latency in accessing the internet from your Latisys data center. By providing you access through multiple first-tier network providers, our highly redundant blended network keeps you connected even if several providers should go down.

You avoid performance degradations, free yourself to focus on more strategic uses of your time and take advantage of our tremendous bandwidth buying power. And because our infrastructure already fully supports IPv6, choosing Latisys today is the way to future proof your network for tomorrow.

Or Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)

Do you have a preferred network provider? No problem. Our carrier-neutral facilities offer direct connectivity — through your choice of T-1, DS3, OCX and Metro Area Ethernet services — to the nation's leading telecommunication carriers. Yours may already be among them.

Carriers connected to Latisys data centers include:

Plus, we have extended the network from our data centers to local peering points to provide diverse connection to hundreds of additional carriers.

Stay Connected. Choose Latisys.

Network connectivity is too important to leave to chance. Trust Latisys for the network performance, scalability and uptime your data center solution — and your entire business — depends on.