Latisys Data Center Services

Latisys Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Hosting
Why Build Your Own Infrastructure When You Can Resell Ours?

Here’s a solution guaranteed to give you an edge in the increasingly competitive market for cloud-based IT platform as a service (PaaS): Build your offering on Latisys’ unified hybrid infrastructure.

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Perfectly in tune with the needs of PaaS resellers like you, Latisys provides:

Let Our Performance, Availability & Security Make You a Preferred Provider

PaaS customers need the assurance that their systems, services and data will be always online, responsive and secure. And that they will never outgrow their infrastructure. With Latisys as your partner, your customers have nothing to fear.

Our resilient and fault-tolerant Tier III data centers feature redundant power, cooling and network connectivity, guaranteeing reliability and availability. SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3 audits certify that all of our facilities have the physical security controls and policies in place to help your customers meet their regulatory or industry compliance requirements. Our Managed IT Security services offer fortification for your network and hosts. Enterprise network storage and industry leading data protection ensure your systems operate at peak efficiency and safe-guard your critical information. Advanced load balancing, database management, real-time monitoring and reporting are available to deliver maximum performance. Robust disaster recovery services provide valuable business continuity assurance for you and your customers . And with future-proof scalability built in, our infrastructure will provide all the performance and capacity your customers need today and for years to come.

Plus, with data centers already totaling more than 340,000 square feet coast-to-coast and an IPV6-ready blended network amassing tremendous volumes of bandwidth from multiple first-tier carriers, we offer economies of scale that would be hard to achieve on your own.

Flexibility Means We Look for More Ways to Say Yes

Latisys is one of the very few companies with a national platform offering enterprise cloud, managed hosting, high density data center colocation—or a hybrid mix of all of the above. So chances are good that whatever offering you have in mind, it’s something we already do.

But here’s something else that sets Latisys apart. Unlike other platform providers who want you to adapt your needs to their rigid systems, Latisys is ready and willing to explore ways to help you offer services and solutions that aren’t yet mainstream, so your business has what it needs to get ahead. It doesn’t matter if what you plan is new and unusual. If it makes sense, and we can do it, we’ll be there to help you execute it.

Make Our Platform Yours

Why tie up capital building new infrastructure, when you can more easily, quickly and profitably resell any combination of our cloud, managed hosting, colocation or hybrid data center services. With Latisys, you can offer your customers the best PaaS solutions in the industry—with higher quality and lower cost than any facility you build.