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Any organization that transmits or stores sensitive data is likely required to comply with either PCI, HIPPA, or GLBA compliance standards. These prescriptive security standards are also being leveraged by organizations interested in using them as a security baseline to protect intellectual property and associated IT infrastructure deemed critical to an organization.

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However, as many IT & security professionals have come to realize, managing and adhering to the various requirements involves many disparate skills, technologies, and associated processes and procedures in order to achieve and maintain compliance to this rigorous standard. Alchemy Security provides a holistic approach to Latisys’ customers by providing a security solution that addresses many of the Security requirements to which organizations must adhere.

 Service Levels

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Latisys offers three levels of service to support a variety of customer objectives:


The Essential solution is intended for organizations that require log management, but maintain internal expertise and resources to perform daily log analysis and related compliance activities. Key benefits include:


The Standard solution encompasses all elements of the Essential package, plus satisfies the following additional key customer objectives:


The Plus solution encompasses all elements of the Standard and Essential Packages. It is for organizations whose Information Security needs go beyond the core foundation of the basic compliance standards.

Alchemy Security is a recognized leader for SOC Operations, Consulting, and SIEM deployments by Gartner, Inc.

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