Latisys Data Center Services

Latisys Storage Area Network
The possibilities are endless when your storage can rapidly scale to meet all your capacity, performance & availability needs

Businesses today live and die by the availability of information. Exponential growth in data usage has translated into increased costs for businesses to manage and store data in a reliable manner. Latisys' enterprise-class Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions provide a cost effective, scalable solution for handling your data while enabling the highest levels of availability.

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Support for Growth and Expansion

Why settle for limitations posed by physical hard disks installed in a server?

Why purchase storage today that you may need for years to come?

With Latisys SAN you don’t have to. Our high performance storage arrays can support hundreds of terabytes of data. You buy only the storage you need to support your environment today and as your IT infrastructure grows we can easily and seamlessly expand your data volumes without any disruption.

Enabling Redundancy

We understand that your business can be crippled if critical data is unavailable. By storing your data on the Latisys Managed SAN, it will be protected by multiple levels of redundancy to reduce the likelihood of data unavailability. These measures include:

Combined with these measures, the Latisys Managed SAN facilitates a variety of high-availability functions offered through operating system and application clustering.

Multiple Layers of Security

Your data will also be secured physically and virtually. Latisys' Managed Storage solutions are located in a secure "essential personnel only" location with Latisys' data center that have completed SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3 Audits. Physical access is secured with biometrics and proximity card, motion camera and 24x7 on site staffing. Logical access to your data is secured with private VLAN connectivity over Latisys' private network and bi-directional CHAP authentication.

Optimized Performance & Throughput

Managed Storage Area Network from Latisys provides you with the ultimate flexibility to choose the type of storage that meets your business needs.

 Tier I Storage – for data that requires lightning fast performance with significant input/output operations Tier I storage leverages solid state disks with unmatched speed and throughput.

Connections to Latisys storage arrays are available through fully redundant iSCSI (1 GB Ethernet), and/or 4 GB Fibre Channel networks.

Solve Your Storage Problems Forever

You have far better uses for your capital and time than to spend them buying and maintaining storage. Save both, with Latisys Managed Storage. And get all the performance, capacity and speed you’ll ever need in a storage solution you’ll never outgrow.