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Latisys Storage Replication & Snapshots
Are you taking full advantage of the business continuity features offered by your network storage?

In addition to enabling high availability and scalability of your data, Managed SAN offers key features that can facilitate business continuity and protection of your data.

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Storage Snapshots

Storage Snapshots enable you to take a point-in-time copy of your storage volumes so you can quickly roll a data set back following code updates gone wrong or unexpected file system corruption. And on the Latisys storage platform, you only pay for the additional space in excess of your allotted storage that the changed blocks consume. Crash-consistent snapshots can even be taken of Oracle and Microsoft dynamic data stores, so software installed on a host will quiet the activity of a database/application prior to taking the snapshot.

Storage Replication

Replication of your data volumes to a remote Latisys SAN storage array not only protects your data out of region but also provides a basis for a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. By leveraging our national data center platform and 10 gigabit Ethernet inter-data center MPLS network to maintain copies of your storage volumes in a remote location, you can meet compliance requirements and enable access to your data from dedicated, virtual or cloud servers deployed at the remote site. This goes a long way towards meeting business recovery objectives in the event of a natural or human induced disaster.

With a range of options for frequency and retention of snapshot/replicated data, Latisys can help you make the most of your network storage. Your data already resides on a platform that provides this functionality, so why aren’t you using its full potential?

Solve Your Storage Problems Forever

You have better uses for your capital and time than to spend them buying and maintaining storage. Save both, with Latisys managed storage. And get all the performance, capacity and speed you’ll ever need in a storage solution you’ll never outgrow.