Latisys Data Center Services

Latisys Threat Management
Multiple Layers of Protection to Guard Against Multiple Attack Vectors

Built into the Latisys Managed Firewall platform, a variety of threat management services can be deployed to identify and avert major network compromises that would otherwise go undetected.

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Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Monitors all permitted traffic to and from specified security zones on your Latisys managed firewall using protocol decoder based analysis, stateful pattern matching, protocol and statistical anomaly detection and heuristic analysis to identify exploits, non-RFC compliant protocol usage, port scans, host sweeps, invalid/malformed packets, IP de-fragmentation and TCP reassembly and spyware.

Network based Anti-Virus

Leverages a stream based scanning engine to analyze non-encrypted traffic for applications that transfer files (FTP, Mail and SMB) to detect signatures matching those of known malware and viruses.

Content (URL) Filtering  

For hosted environments providing desktop services to end users, content filtering monitors permitted traffic on security zones with access to the internet for connections to websites based upon ~75 predetermined categories (as classified by either allowing the connections, logging the connections (for review) or denying the connections based on the requested configuration.

WildFire Protection

On dedicated security devices,  WildFire can analyzes executable files transmitted over a network in real time to dynamically update signatures of threat databases automatically to detect and prevent highly evasive targeted attacks.

Make the Secure Choice

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