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Why Cloud Computing?
The Cloud and How it "Changes the Game"

Cloud Services

CEOs today are demanding a "cloud strategy" from IT. And CFOs just want the cloud to save them money. But cloud adoption is part of a larger trend towards companies transitioning away from capital investments in favor of operating expenses. After all, the more you outsource IT, the less capital intensive your business becomes. Cloud takes this one step further, giving businesses the agility to add and release IT capacity as their needs change–without having to oversubscribe for peak usage. This can be a huge benefit–both for cash flow and for ensuring the most efficient utilization of IT resources.

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And in a traditional on-premise or data center colocation environment, organizations require a full team on hand–IT personnel skilled at maintaining and optimizing their own equipment. Cloud computing enables organizations to rely on the provider’s technology expertise—reducing total cost of ownership and freeing precious IT resources to focus on the core business.


What does this Mean for You?

And do it all in the cloud or as part of a hybrid infrastructure strategy that combines cloud with hosting, data center colocation or managed storage.

Use Cases & Success Stories

Latisys provides three different service levels on our enterprise cloud—offering ultimate flexibility for balancing workload cost and performance. Instead of a one-size-fits all environment where all workloads essentially “get what they get,” you can target performance to where you need it and drive cost savings from where you don’t. Here are some examples of how Latisys clients are leveraging the cloud today:

Don't Believe the Hype

The cloud isn’t for everybody. And it isn't likely to make sense for your entire IT infrastructure. But cloud computing takes virtualization and automation to the next level. It’s on-demand infrastructure as you need it—for the workloads, applications and services that make the most sense. And it’s fully managed by Latisys to free up your resources for a greater return on your infrastructure investment.

Take Your Enterprise to the Cloud

Get all the infrastructure you need, the instant you need it, without buying, installing or maintaining any part of it. Ever. The cloud makes it possible. Latisys Cloud Services makes it easy.